Saturday, July 4, 2009

koLej wOkk!

The KPTM logo on the overall carries the philosophy of
"Kualiti, Perjuangan, Terbilang dan Maju"
The corporate image design has four basic elements which are the line, appearance, shape and colour.
The motive created from the combination of these elements has its own values which portray the corporate image of KPTM.

Description of the logo


1. The Square Shape

Portrays the appearance of a traditional shield or the shape of a diamond which represent strength, solidity and height.

It portrays strength, solidity and the high value of KPTM as a competitive educational institution either locally or internationally.

2. Tip of the Pen

Organized in the shape of three books symbolizing.

KPTM focuses on three fundamental areas which are:
The book - the Academic field.
The tip of the pen - the Professional field.
The three books - Continuous Education.

Symbolically, this image represents various well-planned and structured high level of knowledge in order to develop harmonious mankind. Kolej Poly-Tech MARA often holds these three fundamentals in order to fulfill its mission and vision.

3. The P symbol

P is the main icon of Kolej Poly-Tech MARA created through the merging of the thin blue and yellow lines. It is seen as synonymous to the phrase ‘ poly-tech ' which brings the meaning of technological variety. This symbol also portrays the characteristics of proactive, progressive and powerful.

The ‘P' image was created in a dynamic and in a more progressive manner which carries a futuristic connotation. This symbol brings the meaning that KPTM is always committed to generate excellence in various latest technological fields.

4. Gear Shape

The gear shape with the three edges literally symbolizes 'machinary'. However, KPTM defines the machine as a symbol of the staff in KPTM as a whole who help the establishment of KPTM.

The two gears picture the unstatic and on-going development of the technology.

a) The middle edge of the gear defines 'heads on', that can be explained as to bring all the KPTM staff to gain paradigm shift towards their works. The paradigm shift can be upgraded by proactive and progressive actions.

b) The upper edge means 'hands on', and concept that holds the elements below as its foundation :

i. Management And Leadership
- All management in every level show a dynamic and progressive leadership. Therefore, the management need to enhance their quality in order to be the role-models to other staff below them.

ii. Core Business
- KPTM's business foundation is education. Thus, KPTM always looks ahead to improve the education aspects so that the courses offered are quality.

iii. Product
- As a higher learning education, KPTM always works hard to produce competitive students and have a balanced attitudes in terms of physical, emotion, spiritual and intelectual.

iv. Staff Development
- To ensure the staff development is well-planned to upgrade the quality continuously and to have more dynamic staff in future.

v. Working Culture And Survey
- A positive working culture that include hardworking, dedicate, well-planned time management will be implemented to all management levels. Surveys will be done continuously to maintan the quality.

c) The lower edge means 'Hearts On', a concept of a combination values from the entire staff to achieve KPTM's corporate vission.

The philosophy of KPTM can be explained as below:

To stand strongly as a higher institution that upholds the quality aspect in education


To accept the nation's aspiration to strive for excellence of future nations

To make KPTM as a global higher educational institution in Malaysia
To hold nation's aspiration to become more successful and moving forward to meet the country's vision



It is the colour of nature which symbolizes the sea and the sky. The sea and the sky have the global characteristic of harmony, calmness and peace. Blue also represents the strong and stable corporate image


It is the symbol of bravery and determination to succeed which never fade


It represents respect, endurance, success and competitiveness


It represents purity and sincerity in order to achieve success (jgn nak like sgt..kih3) sila la LIKE eyh if suke:)

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